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Post by Daytona Junkie on January 25th 2009, 6:09 pm

i have a one piece turbo valve cover from an 89 TII,it is not broke/repaired,its in good condition but the paint is flaking off and its a little dirty,lookin for $50 + shipping OBO,have a set of 4 pistons and rods-TII lookin for $150 + shipping OBO,will do single piston/rod if wanted $40 + shipping per piston with rod,the prices are going off what other ones are selling on here,the motor was running when i got it,but im building the motor up so i dont need them,not sure on the cam or the crank yet as i may keep them,ill have a used starter up for sale too lookin for $20 plus shipping,and possibly a flywheel not sure on how much for that.all prices are best offer and plus shipping,ill get pics up shortly.remember im goin off what these parts are selling for here cause i dont know what to really charge,most of the parts are still on/in the motor,they will be off shortly so if you want something i listed just ask and il get out there and pull it,dont care about the weather if ya want it,other wise im doing it when i can in between work and when the weather is ok.all parts are from an 89 TII

just needs to be cleaned up and painted

parts for sale DSC01824

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parts for sale DSC01826

parts for sale DSC01825

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